School and workshops:
In 2008 I decided to get serious about photography and wanted to educate myself in the field. I have since been enrolled in different photoschools and workshops in Norway and in the USA. In spring 2008 I studied at The University of Oslo; History of Modernism and Contemporary Art. Thereafter followed a year at the highly acclaimed Norwegian photo school Bilder Nordic School of Photography
I have studied under the following photographers:
Morten Krogvold
Robert Sannes
Clarie Rosen
William Ropp
Joyce Tenneson
Marie Sjøvold
Hans-Olav Forsang
Damian Heinisch
2011  -  Finalist in Photographer’s Forum magazine’s 31st Annual Spring Photography Contest.
2011  -  2nd Place “Photographer of the year” in the Norwegian Magazine FOTOGRAFI. Winner of the final round.
2012  -  Image in the American Magazine SHOTS nr 115.

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